High peeling rate almond peeling machine

2016-12-19 by Tina
Wet type almond peeling machine is specially designed for peeling the brown skin of almond kernels. High quality automatic almond peeling machine have a high peeling rate and low broken rate. It’s a necessary device in almond processing. Peeled almond enjoys a good taste and flavor and it can be used in deep processing of canned almond, almond dish, almond drink and almond dew.

How to operation?
1. Please soak almond nuts into hot water for a few minutes before peeling. This wet type almond peeling machine would run smoothly with soft soaked almond and have a high peeling rate.
2. Pour wet almonds into feeder and they will flow to the inner cabin. Almonds rub against the soft rubber rollers. The mixture of peeled almonds and peels are separated by separators.
3. Peeled almond kernels and peels will flow out of almond peeler in different outlet. The final almond are perfect and intact.

1. Moderate peeling ways protect almond kernels from being crushed.
2. High peeling rate up to 98% and low broken rate less than 1%.
3. Wet type peeling machine needs soaked almonds.
4. Main parts are made from stainless steel and have a long service life.
5. This almond peeling machine is also suitable for peeling peanut, soybean, pine nut, cashew nut etc.

Wet type almond peeling machine is high output capacity, low power consumption and easy to operate.this machine is unique with very high peeling rate,peanut is not broken after peeling garments, color and luster is bright ,the skin and meters can be separated automatically with high efficiency,this machine also may use in to escape the big almond, broad bean's cover. presently passes through the improvement, after the replacement partial components, may escape the small almond the cover.

almond peeling machine


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