Commercial Horse beans Peeling Machine Working Video

2019-09-02 by Tina
Horse bean peeling machine also named wet type peeler, is the commercial equipment can remove the skin of this beans with high efficiency and high peeling rate. Here is the working video of horse bean peeling machine.

Horsebean skin removing machine is a special used to remove the horse bean skin of the efficient equipment, it can not only remove this broad bean skin, but also suitable for peanut, almond, soybean, oat, chickpeas and so on. This kind of peeling machine is very practical, the use is more extensive.

How Does Work of Commercial Horse Beans Peeling Machine?
Take horse beans into the hopper, through the imitation slub by hand wheel to peeling effect, and then press the peeling horse beans after discharging wheel into the hopper, and is discharged in the hopper. The horse beans peeler machine is high output capacity, low power consumption and easy to operate, good appearance. 
Horse Beans Peeling Machine
The horse bean skin removing machine has reasonable design, compact structure, imitation of the method of manual peeling, so with a high peeling rate, high integrity rate, non-polluting, low energy consumption. Peeling and skin separation at the same time the completion, is peanuts, almonds, beans peeling's ideal equipment.

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