What is Peanut Roasting Machine?

2019-08-06 by Tina
What is Peanut Roaster Machine?
The peanut roaster machine, as its name suggests, is a equipment for roasting peanuts. In addition, it can also be used for sesame, almonds, cashews, melon seeds, pistachios and so on.
Roaster Machine for Nuts
Peanut roasting machine is developed by GELGOOG, it has characteristics of energy saving, health and convenient, fast, stable performance, less consumption, low cost, long service life, the advantages of easy operation and maintenance.

There are two types of peanut roasting machines, the former is continuous roasting, which can bake materials (the nuts are generally more expensive) with high yield, the latter is the smaller output, manual discharge.
Peanut Roaster Machine
The Usage and Working Principle of Continuous Peanut Roaster
Widely Used: This machine is mainly used in food processing industry, legumes, nuts, nuts, such as peanuts, white rice, boiled spicy peanut, melon seeds, almonds, chestnuts, beans, etc to reduce moisture drying, baked goods.

Working Principle: The machine by electric heat pipe as heat source, adopting rotary cage, heat conduction and thermal radiation theory, the automatic temperature control device; With hot air as drying medium, the heat effect on baking objects, in the baking process was roasted in the cage by the propulsion system constantly improve, form a continuous loop, heated evenly, effectively ensuring the quality of baking.

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