Commercial Peanut Roasting Machine GELGOOG Machinery

2019-02-11 by sherry
Gelgoog Machinery produced the roasting machine is made of stainless steel, which is specialized in roasting peanut, pine nut, cashew nut, almond, melon seed and other nuts. The roaster is designed according to the market need, beautiful shape, integrating all kinds of type mechanical performance advantages, stable mechanical properties, adopting closed belt transmission, energy saving, high efficiency, safety, hygiene.
Peanut Roasting Machine GELGOOG
The commercial peanut roasting machine is composed by feeding device, speed regulating motor, drive mechanism, circulating fan, electric cabinet and other parts. Control blowing rate and set the temperature of the material being heated by regulating running speed to ensure best roasting effect. Automatic cycle stirring, heating and stirring evenly, relative seal, braised fire effect is very good. With functions of automatically be out of the pot, operation simple and convenient, quick, etc, we also offer special formula and technology.

This roasting machine produced by GELGOOG Machinery is used for roasting various sizes and kinds of nuts and seeds, such as seasame, peanuts, hazenuts, almond, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds , pistachio, herbs and spices etc. The temperature is adjustable and optional speed mode. And the gas & diesel heating model was equipped with a automatic burner imported from Italy Baltur brand.
Features and Advantage of Commercial Peanut Roasting Machine
1) Uniform heating, good sealing, the effects are particularly good for stewand fried.
2) The back cover can be opened, so that maintenance and repair conveniently.
3) Commercial roasting machine of electric heating are with temperature control device, so that the temperate can be adjusted.
4) Choose high quality asbestos for insulation materials, the performance of the insulation layer are good, it is highthermal efficiency.
5) GELGOOG Machinery roasting machine save time and power.
6) Non-stick material in the drum.
7) Out of the pot is convenient, as long as click back switch, it can out of the pot sifting separation, without the artificial separation.

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