Price of Fried Food Deoiling Machine in Philippines

2019-08-06 by sherry
Our company produced the deoiling machine often sold to Philippines, Malaysia, India, etc, it with factory price, high efficiency, high quality.

This automatic deoiling machine is widely used for removing the oil from fried food, such as french fries, potato chips, chicken wings, banana chips, green peas, broad bean and so on. 
Deoiling Machine in Philippines
The Features of Deoiling Machine
1. The deoiling machine has stable operation, speed can be adjusted, in accordance with the centrifugal effect.
2. After deoiling, the machine enter into slow down to low speed operation, meanwile, hydraulic turning device start working. 
3. The equipment of the equipment is controlled by the PLC, it is the main equipment of frying line.
4. This fried food deoiling machine made of stainless steel 304, it has factory price.

Operation Process: Starting spindle motor by frequency converter, According to the operation procedure, Oil removal cylinder running a low speed. start-up matching automatic feeding mechanism, through turning mechanism, distributed the object evenly in the cylinder. 

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