French Fries is one of the most popular foods

2016-12-20 by sherry
As early as 1680, the Belgian began making French fries. During the first World War, American soldiers had this French fries in Belgium. And feel particularly delicious, so as to become popular. But they call it "French"", It was because the common language of the Belgian army was French,so they thought it was "French fries".
In modern, Frozen French fries because of its fast, simple, and delicious food has become one of the most popular foods. At the same time is also a quick frozen food sales of fast food.
french fires 
Production process of French fries : Pick the fresh potatoes after cleaning and peeling, the picking machine will send the potatoes to strip cutting machine, the size of potato chips can be adjust by customer, Remove starch from the surface potato chips by hot line, at the same time keep the color of potato chips,and it will not be black. After the hot line, potato chips are removed to dry. The drying machine can effectively remove the water on the surface of potato chips. Then, fry. Frozen French fries fried time is very short ,next potato will pass  through the cooling machine, then enter into the freezer, packaging machine. 
Consumers buy frozen French fries, and then heat for a few minutes to eat. This speed fries are widely used in KFC, McDonald's and other fast food industry distribution center and distribution plant.
The main machine of frozen French fries Processing line:
1.Lifting machine: Automatic lifting material, convenient and efficient, save labor.
2. Strip cutting machine: High efficiency cut strip, adjustable size.
3. Conveyor: Potato chips will be transported to the transfer of a hot machine.
4. Dewatering machine: Remove the scrap, and remove the excess water.
5. Frying machine: Deep fried color, and optimize the taste and taste.
6. Freezing machine: Frozen French fries to facilitate packaging storage and transportation, optimize the taste.

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