How to make sesame butter?

2016-12-22 by Tina
Sesame is a sauce made of fried sesame seeds, ground, and fragrant, used as a seasoning. also known as Ma sauce. sesame paste is one of the most popular flavor condiments. there are white sesame and black sesame two types.

Sesame paste in tan color, fine texture, taste, with sesame inherent strong aroma, not moldy, not bred worms. commonly used as a mixed noodles, steamed bread, bread, or salad dressing, is also a cookie, sweet dumplings, filling ingredients. Sesame oil is mainly used for cold dish flavored.

Do you know how make sesame butter? I need five steps.
1,Pick sesame, white and black are good, basically be to see their own preferences, the bio-fuels sundry taking of sesame, wash away the dust, drain the water in a plate
2, Put before the repair of sesame in iron pot starch, fried out fragrance
3, Using colloid mill grinding cooked sesame seeds into paste, sesame will grind more and more sticky
4, Good grinding sesame paste, according to taste in the sugar, water, open a small fire boil, slowly into a paste
5, After cooling in a jar to save, in order to keep fresh, can be put into the refrigerator

sesame butter making machine

This sesame butter making machine can grind peanut,sesame seeds,walnuts,etc with high capacity and stable performance.
It works by the motor through the belt belt regulated tooth (or called rotor) and the matching tooth (or called stator) for relatively high-speed rotation, one of the high speed rotating, the other a static, processed materials by itself or the weight of the external pressure (can) generated by the pump pressure to produce the spiral downward impact, through constant, transfer between tooth clearance, clearance can be adjusted by the powerful shear force, friction force, high frequency vibration, high speed spiral, such as physical function, make the material being effectively emulsifying, dispersing, homogeneous and crushing, to achieve the effect of ultra-fine grinding and emulsifying materials.


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