China sesame peeling machine

2016-12-24 by Tina
Sesame peeling method from the beginning is dry, the method of separation, along with the advance of technology, the current mainstream methods for wet used in blister (peeling). The main process: screening, soaking, peeling, drying, color choose, go to the peeling sesame screening of raw material such as mixed white sesame in collection, storage, transportation and other process will inevitably have impurities, such as a small stone, clay, sesame seeds, sesame leaves, etc, need to go through screening equipment must remove the impurities, in order to ensure the safety of the finished peeling sesame and excellent quality. soak white sesame raw material after the screening in soaking equipment after a period of immersion, sesame seeds and sesame seed kernel will gradually separation, mastery of soaking time and method, impact peeling sesame eventually yield of the product and appearance. peeling after soaking sesame raw material, need in the related peeling equipment, under the action of separate sesame seeds and sesame seed kernels, peeling process may also influence the yield of peeling sesame finished product. after drying peeling sesame in order to save for a long period of time, the need to control in a certain range of moisture, drying process is indispensable. Drying process of temperature and time control, the peeling sesame seed moisture, taste, different color rate of the finished product will have great influence. Color choose drying after peeling sesame different color proportion still is higher, need to pass the color optional equipment, will be different color, unsaturated peeling sesame screening out. Other special process Because peeling sesame products application field is different, there will be a unique process to meet the needs of the corresponding accordingly.

Sesame peeling machine mainly including body, composite stirrer, separator, locator, inlets and outlets, and deceleration gear box, etc.all made by stainless steel 304,protecting the material’s healthy.

sesame peeling machine


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