The working principle of the peanut powder making machine

2016-12-24 by Tina
Peanut powder is peanut oil after the residue after drying, crushing made of powder.
Peanut powder is one of the organic nitrogen sources for microbial growth, rich in protein, trace elements, also contain a small amount of peanut oil.
In some antibiotic production peanut flour is used as the medium component.
Peanut powder can be used as an additive to various foods to improve the nutritional value of the food. It can also be directly added into the beverage or milk as a suspension, made into a variety of beverages, or as barbecue accessories , Increase the aroma of barbecue.

Peanut oil is bigger, some machine grinding effect is not so good. the peanut powder making machine can solve the question.

This peanut powder making machine is suitable for crushing oil materials(such as soybean,peanut,almond,sesame rapeseed,coffee beans,cocoa beans).
This machine is GELGOOG company in the original old product after many improvements on the new product, the machine operates smoothly, no noise. continuous crushing peanuts, sesame, large output, and the oil, absolutely don't glue machine, sesame powder, uniform fine, don't have to worry about inventory by crushing amount can't keep up with an oxidation, especially suitable for peanut and sesame large pieces. The machine to fill the domestic sesame grinding a blank of the market, to achieve the advanced level at home and abroad at present.

Working principle:
Various oil material into the roller area, through multiple squeeze between passive roller roller and activities to get ideal crushing, different grinding fineness can roll adjusting spacing through activities. 304 the whole machine adopts high quality stainless steel, this machine has convenient operation, low noise, high output characteristics, is the best equipment of oil material crushing.

peanut powder making machina


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