How to eat sesame paste is the most health?

2016-12-28 by Tina
Many people also know the sesame paste, maybe they also like eat it. it was product by sesame paste production line in factory. But do you know how eat sesame paste is more health.

"Sesame paste and food, not only enriched the flavor of the meal, but also improve the nutritional value of the meal.on the sesame paste coated bread, is the" most common way to eat is probably noodles, and various vegetables cut into fresh silk Shop in the face, and then doused with sesame flavor overflowing, delicious tempting.

But there are a lot of people think sesame heat, high fat, easily dare not eat, but also deducted with long fat, easy to get angry, indigestion and other bad names. In fact, this is a misunderstanding, sesame with its unique nutritional value, can be called a good food, the key is to see how we avoid weaknesses, give full play to its strengths.

Beauty and anti-aging. sesame is rich in linoleic acid, soft phospholipids, vitamin E, etc., of which up to 50% linoleic acid, with the effect of softening blood vessels; sesame paste is rich in lecithin, can prevent premature white hair loss or fall off.

Often eat sesame paste, is also a good way to add protein; per 100 grams of sesame paste contains 21 grams of protein, higher than eggs and lean beef, sesame iron high, not only can adjust the partial eclipse, anorexia, but also correct and prevent iron deficiency anemia.

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