Different Types of Peeling Peanuts Skin

2016-12-28 by Lisa
In recent years, with the improvement of living standards, people pay more attention to their diet. Eating foods is no longer just for satiety, people are more inclined to green and healthy, different foods have different eating methods. For example eat oranges,people have been enter into endless arguments for oranges inside the white thin strips of leather, some people think that there is no nutrition, other people think that it is rich in nutrients.

peanut peeling machine

In fact, there is whether has nutrition is not what we say, need professional people have to judge by research. And according to people's different tastes, can also choose their own whether eat skin. Today we want to talk about how to peel peanut skin, peanut skin we all know is rich in nutrients, but generally we want to taste better, it will be removed the skin.

If a grain of a peanut peeling grain, it is too time-consuming, we can put the peanuts into the pot, pour hot water, soak for a while, then pour into our special designed peanuts peeling machine, the machine will start processing the peanut skin, and then the process does not need your hands, will be able to get the complete peanuts.

This is wet type to peel peanuts,use the method,high peeling rate,low broke rate,and saving time,convenient and quick,etc.


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