Noodles Machine Plays An Important Role In Chinese Culture

2016-12-27 by sherry
According to legend, the Martial Emperor reverence the spirits also believe anthroposcopy. One day to chat with the Minister of the public, when it comes to the length of life. Martial Emperor said the books which purport to teach physiognomy reading for fortune telling writed ”the philtrum of people is long, its life will be long”.
Noodles Making MachineSo the philtrum is long ,the face will be long. In China, “noodles” shares a similar pronunciation with the “face” , so people use long noodles to bless longevity. Gradually, the practice has evolved into the habit of eating noodles for birthdays (festivals), said to eat "longevity noodles” Generally speaking, longevity noodles in a bowl with only one noodle, It is best not to break the noodle when eating. This custom has been followed up to now.
The ancient sayiing of Longevity Noodles is due to harmonics, In modern, Food scientist studied the ingredients of noodles, noodles contain a certain amount of protein, is a major source of vitamins and minerals, contains essential vitamin B1, B2, B3, B8 and B9 to maintain the balance of nerves, at the same time, there are calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and copper and other essential substances in noodles. Balanced nutrition promotes longevity.
Nowadays, noodles are used as staple food in most parts of China, especially in north area. So noodles are produced in large quantities in China. Beause of the increase in demand, hand-made noodles less and less,people buy the noodles produced by Noodle Making Machine, machines not only saves manpower, but also saves time, can also meet the market demand in a short time.

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