How to operate the sugar grinder machine?

2016-12-24 by Tina
The sugar grinder machine is applicable to the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, agriculture and food industries, especially suitable for crushing dry brittle material, use very extensive.

working principle:
This machine use of activity of tooth plate and fixed gear disks that are high speed, the relative movement between the material is crushed by cutting tooth impact, and comprehensive function such as friction and collision among the materials themselves to achieve the goal of crushing material. This machine is of simple structure, stable running, low noise, good crushing effect. Shredded material directly from the crushing chamber. Screen mesh size, by choosing different aperture to achieve.

The main part and the name:
1, fixed fluted disc: fixed on the door, there are large fixed disk.
2, activity tooth plate: there is a flap, primary crushing tooth and grinding teeth.
3, screen mesh: according to the product particle size (mesh) asked to select the optimum aperture sieve.
Installation, operation and maintenance:
1, must be before starting the inspection door is shut, tighten the hand wheel and locating bolt when you shut the door.
2, turn on the water cooling device, ensure sufficient water, running water is prohibited.
3, installation, processing power, to check whether the motor direction of rotation is electric way according to the direction of the arrow. If, on the other hand, please adjust the motor connector wiring.
4, in the case of motor rotation in the right direction, boot idle running 30 minutes, check the lubrication condition, timely add lubricating oil. Regularly check and supplement lubricating grease.
Idle running several minutes before 5, feed, and then slowly evenly feeding, do not fill it up with hopper, and pay attention to whether the current overload, prevent damage to equipment.
6, running in the adverse circumstance, such as great vibration and noise, check in time to turn it off.
7, lubrication, cleaning, often keep part found fault, defect repair or replacement in a timely manner.

sugar grinder machine


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