Important Packing Machine for Food

2016-12-24 by sherry
As we all know, most foods in grocery stores, including meat, bread, cheese and snacks, are packed in plastic. This approach not only caused a lot of waste can not be recycled, biodegradable waste, and plastic film can not play a role in preventing food decay. Also, some plastics may leave toxic compounds on food. How to solve this problem?
Tomasula and colleagues from the U.S. Department of agriculture have developed an environmentally friendly film based on milk casein. These casein based membranes are 500 times more resistant to oxygen than plastic films and are biodegradable, renewable and edible because they are extracted from milk.

Some commercial edible packaging has been listed, but because it is made of starch, so there are a lot of micropores, can not effectively obstruct oxygen. The milk protein based packaging bags, with smaller pores, can form a more compact network structure to prevent the entry of oxygen.
To make the material more durable, the researchers added citrus pectin to casein. In addition, the researchers wrapped casein in a protective outer layer to keep it dry and clean.
In addition to being used as plastic bags and packaging, casein coatings can also be coated on foods such as cereal flakes and cereal strips. At present, the grain kept tight in the milk sugar. In addition to carbohydrates, manufacturers can spray casein coating to prevent moisture grains. Casein coating can also be used for pizza or other food box to prevent grease with the color of the packaging, or as a lamination step paper and paperboard food boxes and plastic bag.
The United States Food and drug administration has banned perfluorinated substances as container coating, casein coating may become a substitute for safe, biodegradable, and casein packaging is expected to appear in the next 3 years on the shelf.
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