The most expensive potato chips in the world

2016-12-24 by sherry
potato chips 
The world's most expensive chips RMB75.00 a piece, with the St. Erik s chips in the box only five slices of potatoes, each piece of potatoes is the chef with hand crafted, these chips contain five kinds of special raw materials sourced from northern Sweden Nordic pine.

With the St. Erik s chips in the box only five slices of potatoes, each piece of potatoes is made by the chef with hand crafted. These potatoes contain five kinds of special raw materials, wild mushroom picked from northern Sweden pine forest, truffle kelp from the waters near the Danish Faroe Islands, artificial picking top dill from Re Bj Peninsula, lake Sander onion from the nearby lake Sander in the Swedish town, and malt beer from India(same as raw material used in St. Erik "s ale).

Potatoes themselves are very special. They come from the potato hillside Ammarn s, a steep rocky slope toward the south of the limited number of potatoes. Modern farming machines are hard to get here, which means that all potatoes are grown by hand.

Chef Pi Le said: "all the chips Handmade. Chefs will elaborate them, to ensure that every piece of potato chips between various components can achieve perfect balance. The taste of potato chips is very Nordic style, most people can eat potatoes and onion flavor, but make these potato chips stand out is their quality. All the ingredients for making potato chips are not something that everyone else could touch before. These chips are the perfect companion for handmade beer, and they can also be enjoyed individually."

Last week, St. Erik s sold one hundred chips per box, although the potato chip price up to 377 yuan (which means that each piece of potato chips is almost the cost price of 75 yuan). Unfortunately, St. Erik "s will not sell the second batch of chips soon.

If you do not have the opportunity to taste the most expensive potato chips, ordinary potato chips have a good taste,Gelgoog’s Potato Chips Production Line also can make delicious potato chips.

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