Mechanization of the Convenience Food Industry

2016-12-27 by Lisa
instant noodle
With the social progress and economic development, people in the treatment of food has changed a lot, pay more attention to food nutrition. Great changes have taken place in the traditional industry of food processing. The prominent features of this change include: convenience of food forms, appeared of instant noodles as a representative of a wide range of convenient food, convenient seasoning. Food taste diversification, international can be divided into Chinese, western style. The function of the content of the food, not just in the traditional sense of eating full, eat incense, but pay more attention to the nutrition comprehensive. Industrialization of food production, including mechanization of processing operations, automation and standardization of product quality, product nutrition. In this change, food processing machinery and equipment have nutritional processing role.

Automatic instant noodle production line is a new generation product which is developed and produced on the basis of the introduction of domestic and foreign technology.And combined with the needs of domestic and international consumer market,its technology is perfect, compact structure, novel design structure, stable and reliable performance. From flour to the finished product in the production of a one-time processing, high degree of automation, simple operation, moderate yield (can be customized according to your demand), save energy, with less investment, quick effect, particularly suitable for small and medium enterprises and individual enterprises. Corrugated instant noodles produced by this line, rehydration time is short, good elasticity, smoothness and transparency. Our company is responsible for the installation, commissioning equipment, training personnel until they produced qualified products.

instant noodles
The convenience food equipment processing mechanization mainly manifests in: the standard production procedure, guarantees the product quality simultaneously to take into account the product nutrition. By setting reasonable operating procedures, automatically complete the work using the machine, thus reducing the direct participation and operation of the traditional production process of randomness, product quality uniformity and better health, better quality, which guarantees the standardization of products, reduce production costs, the labor productivity and improve the quality of the product, and the machine can be more fully rational use of raw materials, reduce the material consumption, the production cost can be effectively reduced. Reduce labor intensity, improve labor utilization, an operator can manage one or several units, or even a set of equipment with high production capacity. Improve the working environment, to complete the work can not be completed by manpower.

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