Continuous Deep Fryer for Fish Skin and Pork Skin

2019-12-11 by Lisa
With the popularity of fried pork skin and fish skin snacks in Colombia, Canada, America, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, United Kingdom and so on. Our company provides continuous fryer machine of different models for snack factories to produce the food.

This frying machine is suitable for all kinds of deep-fried snacks. It is no problem to fry fish skin and pig skin, and this fryer machine has high output, high efficiency, and can save oil. Here show the video of continuous fish skin frying machine.

Characteristics of Continuous Fish Skin(Pig Skin) Frying Machine
· Deep fryer is efficient and easy to operate. It can be used to continuously fry various snack foods in batches.
· Food grade stainless steel ensures safe material contact, clean production, this fish and pig skin fryer machine has compact design and simple structure.
· The heating source can be electric, diesel or natural gas. The frying time and frying temperature can be set and adjusted on the control panel.
· The mesh belt can make the product fully fried to avoid floating, and the automatic precise oil temperature control can use the variable frequency speed regulation to control the mesh belt speed.
Continuous Fish Skin(Pig Skin) Frying Machine
This continuous frying machine is widely used for fish skin, pig skin, peanuts, cashews, green beans, broad beans, as well as some pasta and seafood products. If you are looking for the fryer machine, please contact with us.
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