How to Make Macaroni Pasta At Home

2016-12-19 by Lisa
       Pasta is a famous dish in Italy, also known as macaroni, has been one of the most common flour products in foreign countries, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin and other places of China also have a small amount of production. Many kinds of pasta are generally selected food rich in starch after crushing, gelling, modified, extruding, drying and made all sorts of good taste, unique flavor of food.

 Macaroni pasta machine

       Macaroni pasta by
macaroni pasta making machine is a famous popular in the world, with solid and hollow. Spaghetti sauce can stay in the hollow pasta, not easy to dry. The production method is very important:boil water, the pasta into the pot, boil repeatedly after adding cold water several times, until the macaroni cooked, picked up the drained water, put the amount of salt and mix well.

       Add peas in boiling water,shortly after the boil, you can remove the filter cover in the dry water, cooked pasta. Prepare a little slice of beef, fried in the pan varus after a few seconds and serve. In the pot into a small amount of oil, pour water, pasta, salt, sugar and butter (to taste) and tomato sauce.

       Add water is very important step, it should be almost 2/3 that a bit of macaroni. Next, is gradually into the hole of the macaroni juice, take 20 to 30 minutes to stir fry. Then add the beef, add MSG, stir fry a little time and then, half a pound of meat stuffing with cooking wine, soy sauce, salt, mix well, add chopped green onion and ginger. Heat the wok, put some oil, stir fry the meat stuffing, discoloration cooked, pour tomato sauce, stir fry the tomato sauce, till the color is dark red, slightly thick sauce pot, pour in the pasta, mix well. Or put the meat stuffing single pot sauce to eat, how much to take much according to their taste. After eating, let you lead a person to endless aftertastes.


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