Automatic Noodle Making Machine for Rice Noodle

2016-12-19 by Lisa

rice noodle machine

      Rice noodle, the Han nationality characteristics snacks, is very popular in southern China. Rice noodles with rice as raw material, soaking, cooking and layering processes made of strips, filiform rice products, powder material and not understanding the meaning of using rice as raw material grinding. Rice noodles is flexible and elastic, not boiled soup, fried not easily broken, with the soup boiled or fried with various dishes yards or soup, slippery tasty, by the vast number of consumers (especially southern consumer favorite). Rice noodles many varieties, can be divided into Rice noodles, Rice noodles, corrugated box row, silver Rice noodles, Rice noodles wet and dry Rice noodles Rice noodles etc.

     With the increase in rice noodles demand, rice noodle machine is also very hot in recent years.Automatic rice noodle machine is an ideal equipment for processing rice into noodles. Rice noodles with different diameters also do China rice cake. Automatic rice noodle machine is widely used in large-scale catering, food processing and other industries.

     This machine has these features such as automatic rice noodle machine can directly cook rice into noodles, no crusher and mixer, save time and effort;automatic rice noodle machine can be replaced by different molds to made rice noodles or Chinese rice cake; we can produce a variety of capacity’s rice noodle machine, the production range of 50 to 500 kg per hour. Safety and health, automatic rice noodle machine operation stable, the whole production process without pollution;simple operation,automatic rice noodle machine with high degree of automation, save manpower, high efficiency. 


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