What is Price of Noodles Maker Machine?

2019-07-08 by Lisa
This noodles maker machine is newly designed by our company, it has a large output and a wide range of uses, and can produce noodles of different widths. Here, someone will ask what the price of noodle maker machine.
Noodles Maker Machine
The price of the noodles machine is one of the questions that many people must ask when purchasing a machine. They want to know if the price is within the acceptable range and whether it is within the budget. About the noodles maker machine, we have different models, the price is also different, price range is $2,000 to $5,000.

Of course, the specific price is still determined according to the customer's output, voltage and other needs, so if you are interested in our machine, you can send us your needs, we will make a quote according to your requirements.
Noodles Making Machine
Best Price Noodles Maker Machine Characteristics
1. Noodles making machine uses gear transmission, smooth operation, safe and reliable, gear chain Drive.
2. Use automatic picking system, high efficiency, good quality.
3. Automatic transmission, automatic section, automatic upper Rod, a molding, saving labor.
4. More than a group of rolling, roll drawing, feeding evenly, the panel neat.
5. Reducer, sprocket chain transmission, low noise, long service life.
6. The noodles making machine is safe operation, sanitary and clean.

The Working Principle of Noodles Making Machine
Put the flour through the roller relative rotation extrusion to form the surface, and then through the front head cutting knife opposite the piece to cut strips, thus forming noodles. The noodles size depends on the specifications of the cutting knife, one machine can be installed with different cutting knife, so that can make different sizes of noodles.


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