Peanut peeling method

2016-12-19 by Tina
Wet peanut peeling machine by peeling rubber ring on the wheel rolling, aprons gaps between each other, soaking peanut is a pressure squeeze out in the round by two aprons gap, thus peanut red by the peeling off of the peanut peeling machine, whose character is:

1, eliminate was installed on the machine all the hinged points of clearance damping sleeve, set in the end of the connecting rod instead of rigid connection of steel bushing, within a set size is longer than the set of rubber sleeve, bolt through the rubber on the surface of the center and on both ends of the two Angle, two Angle can simultaneously or respectively on join another parts, bolt fastening nut.
2, use all the rest are arranged in a straight line on the three fixed link them together according to the design of spacing to wear, fixed rod fixed to the frame on either side of the wall and the rest on three fixed stem hole to form two equal spacing interval, one with the hole on one side of the form to the open side of the long slot, on the other side of the hole is open to the other side of the long hole.
3, the wet peeling machine, peanut peeling aprons position limit smooth circular shaft shaft head and add a passive sprocket, active chain wheel is located in the side of the left shaft head, with middle chain drive, smooth circular shaft linear velocity and linear velocity of peeling aprons is equal.
4, add a compensation between the hopper and crank connecting rod crank connecting, compensation for rigid crank glasses, one end connected the hopper of the connecting rod connecting shaft bolt, the other end of the shock absorption crank connecting rod set of flexible hinge connection by eliminating the gap.
Some people ask, wet peanut peeling machine from GELGOOG company when peeling is best? In the case of dry wet for its quality and efficiency is the highest, in order to make the peanut dry wet is appropriate, can adopt the following methods:

(1) shell in winter. Before the shell takes 10 kg of warm water spray evenly on the 50 kilograms of fruit skin, and then use plastic mulch around 10 hours (except for the winter season with plastic mulch in other seasons for 6 hours), 1 hour or so the air below sunshine is basked in again can shell.
(2) will be dry peanut fruit (skin) in pools and the leaching after remove to use plastic mulch after 1 day or so, and then drying in the sun, such as peanut began after using peanut peeling machine is suitable for the dry and wet peeling.

peanut peeling machine


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