How to Make Pomegranate Juice With a Machine?

2018-06-08 by Lisa
Pomegranate juice is a kind of fruit juice made by the steps of juice, enzymatic hydrolysis, clarification, coarse filtration and ultrafiltration. How to make pomegranate juice with a machine? Before pomegranate juice produced, need to deal with pomegranate peel, pomegranate seeds, these steps, the use of our machine only need one step can be completed, no need for other machines.
how to make pomegranate juice with a machine
Pomegranate juice making machine uniform discharging, dry uniformity, press for a period of time will form a squeeze column (sieve barrel diameter is larger than 500mm, Squeeze column intermediate material will be slightly higher than the outside material moisture content). 5T below the machine for manual control to open the door closed, 5T or more of the machines for hydraulic station control forced door State, hydraulic pressure system can reach 2-16mpa, the maximum can be 20Mpa. 

Mandatory feeding board: With the irreplaceable force to promote the role of the material, and spiral into a vertical shape, moving materials forward. My company is equipped with a full five petals-like feeding board. If it is a three-lobe, four-petal shape, it can also work, but greatly reduce production, for example, Xinjiang Township are used by a company's three-petal feed version, in the 40T single screw press processing capacity only 2-3t; If the same is the five-petal shape, but is sharpened very sharp, pomegraate juice making machine wear will soon, in a short time will be replaced by new, into a vulnerable parts, the company configuration of the five-flap board in the case of non-illegal operation of the normal use of seven or eight years is not a problem, easy and durable. 


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