How to Remove Sesame Skin by Using Sesame Peeling Machine?

2018-05-14 by Lisa
How to remove the sesame skin? Here is a sample method to you, using sesame peeling machine to remove the sesame seed skin is very effective. This machine can remove sesame seed skin very efficiently and it is clean and tidy. It is very helpful to peel sesame skin. About the machine, do you know the working principle of this machine?
sesame peeling machine
The main structure of the sesame peeling machine: This machine is mainly composed of a reducer, a tank body, a composite stirrer, a separator, a heater, a positioning device, and various import and export pipes and the like. The machine's working principle is the following three:

Working principle of soaking process: the use of a certain amount of caustic soda hot water immersed in sesame. The speed reducer drives the stirrer to rotate. Due to the structural characteristics of the composite stirrer, the material is circulated and circulated up and down, and the mixing of sesame and soaking liquid is even and sufficient.
The working principle of the peeling process: using the relative friction between the stirrer and the sesame, between the sesame and the sesame, the sesame peel and the kernel are separated, so as to achieve the purpose of peeling the sesame.
The working principle of the separation process of the skin kernel: using the trapping effect of the separator, the sesame seeds are discharged through the separator, and the sesame seeds are retained, so as to achieve the purpose of separation of the sesame skin and the kernel.

Remove the sesame skin by using the sesame peeling machine, it can process the sesame without skin with high efficiency, if you want to know the more details, please email me for the machine price and details.

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