How to Make Fried Peanuts with Fryer Machine?

2020-09-23 by Lisa
How to make fried peanuts with fryer machine? Some time ago, in our factory, we use this equipment to deep fry peanuts, green beans and broad beans, the frying effect is good. Here is a testing video for you.

This peanut frying machine is the main equipment for making fried peanuts, the fried peanuts product with good color, good taste, many peanut food processing factories use the machine to produce fried peanuts, high quality and efficiency. 
Peanut Fryer Machine
It is the ideal equipment for making fried peanut and other fried food. 
1. The peanut fryer machine is made of the national standard of SUS304 material. It meets the national food quality standard.
2. The double net belt conveyed products, frequency conversion speed regulation, preventing the product floating, preventing the deformation.
3. The pure oil type automatic slag scraping system, the machine has the net belt turnover mechanism, the internal floating residue and mesh residue can be cleaned at any time.
4. Automatic temperature control makes the fried products have a crisp and attractive appearance. The use of safety, convenience and sanitation is an ideal frying equipment.
Automatic Peanut Fryer Machine
This peanut fryer machine is made of stainless steel 304, it can make healthy and delicious fried peanuts. If you want to know more about the machine information, please contact or whatsapp +8615515571373.

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