What are the Advantages of Stick Noodle Production Line?

2019-09-06 by Lisa
This stick noodle production line as a professional equipment of processing dry noodles, have always been favored by noodle manufacturers. Its operation is simple, and the production process is clean and hygienic. It has many advantages that make it a leading level in the same industry.
Stick Noodle Production Line
What are the Advantages of Stick Noodle Production Line?
1. Operational automation, from dough mixing, brine mixing, ripening, compounded press, drying, conveying and cutting are automated.
2. Efficient production, saving resources and improving product quality are ideal equipment for modern food production enterprises.
3. Continuous no-batch noodles, the mixed fabric is sent to the feeding port of the curing machine at a constant speed, and the speed of the noodle can be adjusted according to the thickness of the noodles.
4. Adopt frequency conversion speed regulation, the operation is more flexible and simpler, the contact parts of the food are mostly made of stainless steel.
5. Automatic lever device, the upper rod is smoothe, the whole set of stick noodle production line only needs 1 person.

Stick noodle line changed the vertical structure of the traditional noodle mixer and the curing machine upstairs and downstairs. The flour does not need to be raised upstairs, saving 1-2 people. Reduce labor intensity by more than 50%. Not only saves the construction capital of the plant, but also saves a set of fabric lifting equipment.

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