Sale of peanut butter production line

2016-12-19 by Tina
The main equipment of this peanut butter processing line are roaster, peeling half grain machine, picking belt, elevator, peanut butter processing machine, agitator tank, transfer pump, mixer, homogenizer, fine grinding machine, vacuum tank, cooling machine, filling machine and so on. Its characteristics are flow line production, high mechanization, good reliability, full enclosed production and no pollution.

Peanut butter processing line process:
Elevator--Roasting---Cooling--Peeling--Selecting--Milling--Mixing--Cooling--de-gasing--Liquid filling machine
Roasting: batch roaster’s working temperature is 200-210 Cº within 20-30minutes. The batch roaster will bake some delicious smells.
Cooling: Peanut will be send cooling belt to cool.
Peeling: put the roasted peanuts into peeler to take off the red skin, the double rollers will friction the red skin, the simple cyclone system will suck the red skins, most of them will be put in half-piece, then fall to the selecting conveyor, the over-roasted and un-blanched peanut kernel is picked up by manual or mechanical.
Grinding: Using steel grinder to make the first grinding; using colloid grinder to make the second grinding, the fineness of grinding is controlled below 7um; temperature of grinding is controlled below 68C.
Cooling Mixing: make the butter more homogeneous and the butter through second grinding should be cooled immediately. The temperature should go down 45C.
Buffer Tank: Short time storage and take out the air from peanut butter
Storage tank: settling down in the storage tank till the temperature drop to air temperature.
Filling machine: automatic filling machine, the finished peanut butter is packed into 200g/500g/1000g bot.

This peanut butter production line can produce stable peanut butter, particle peanut butter and common type of peanut butter. also produce a stable and common type of sesame.

peanut butter processing line

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