The food machinery industry gradually narrow the gap

2016-12-24 by Tina
After nearly 30 years of construction and development of the industry made great achievements, better support for the food industry, agricultural product processing industry, the development of packaging industry and other industries, for the country's economic construction, social development, and made an important contribution to the improvement of people's living standards. However, the development of food machinery and packaging machinery in China has not fully adapt to the strategy of national economy and social development, and there is also a big gap between the same industry abroad. Therefore, we must face up to the status , found the problem, speed up the development.

The realization of digital and information of product design and manufacturing. Improve and perfect the existing enterprise manufacturing equipment, improve the  processing capacity of enterprises, adopt modern manufacturing technology, improve product manufacturing and assembly quality, shorten the production cycle.
Improve the levels of CAD/CAPP/CAM products, product design, process, manufacturing data sharing, raise the technical level and the machining accuracy, shorten the production cycle.

To expand the application of new technology, new material. Through technology integration and information technology, continuous improvement and innovation, food machinery and packaging machinery products, improve product technology content and market competitiveness.

Improvement and innovation of traditional food production technology, to develop large industrialized production of key equipment. The food industry is a history of several thousand years of traditional industry, based on the traditional manual process in keeping the food color, aroma, taste and plays an important role, but restricted food industrialization, mechanization of production. therefore, must be based on the quality of food, flavor, bold innovation, improvement and innovation of traditional craft, lay a foundation for the realization of industrialization of food processing and packaging, to speed up the industrialization process, the development of key equipment, food processing and packaging of mechanization and modernization.


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