Automatic Shrimp Chips Making Machine in Vietnam

2020-02-27 by Lisa
Automatic shrimp chips making machine was shipped to Vietnam, this machine is the professional machinery used for making shrimp chips. And it helps customers to start this business easily.

High quality stainless steel made cracker machine uses corn starch, rice and potato starch as raw material, produce different type of prawn chips. There are different outputs can be choose.
Automatic Shrimp Chips Making Machine in Factory
What Features of Automatic Shrimp Chips Making Machine?
1. Mixing Machine: This prawn cracker making machine is used to mix the raw materail, like shrimp oil, water, powder, etc..
2. Extruder: This prawn cracker making machine is used to ripen the mixed material.
3. Re-extruder and shaping machine: Main function of this machine is to shape the mixed material as one certain length cylinder.
4. Prawn Cracker Cutting machine: This prawn cracker making machine cutter is to cut those cylinder into shrimp crackers, and the cutting speed can be adjusted.

Shrimp Chips Production Line Production Process
Material selection → Cleaning → Peeled and sliced → Washing (color protection) → Boiling → Drying → Plastic products.

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