Wide Mouth Sugar Waffle Cone Baking Machine in America

2020-06-19 by Lisa
Why is it called wide mouth sugar cone baking machine? This equipment can make large mouth ice cream cones, not only can be used to hold ice cream, but also other similar products, such as egg waffle, egg rolls, cream, etc.
Sugar Waffle Cone Baking Machine in America
Recently, our factory has a batch of cone baking machines to be sold to the America, mainly to supply ice cream manufacturers and some new businessmen. At present, the factory is making equipment and shipping to customers as soon as possible.

The Basic Principle of Making Sugar Cones
For the recipe, mix the ingredients evenly as needed. Next, put the beaten batter into the storage tank, use an air compressor to provide air pressure to the cylinder, and then work through the cylinder to make the batter through the pipeline to the baking tray. After heating for about one minute, the batter is baked into crisps, and final rolled into a cone shape by a rolling machine.
Sugar Cone Baking Machine in Factory
The sugar cone baking machine has the characteristics of constant-speed quantitative injection, automatic opening and moving of the plate, and the consistency of the thickness and weight of the finished product. In addition, there are frequency conversion speed control to improve production efficiency; the operation is simple and easy to use, one person operates one; the table is made of food-grade stainless steel, and the product is hygienic. The temperature can be controlled freely, and the color of the cone is even.

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