Sugar Cooking Pot for Sesame Candy Bar

2018-02-27 by Lisa
Sesame candy, crisp and refreshing, sweet but not greasy, crispy Hua slag, precipitated a childhood full of memories, thick sesame flavor aftertaste. GELGOOG as a professional food processing machinery manufacturer, specializing in the production of large sugar cooker, electric pot boil sugar, sugar boiling equipment, R & D and production for many years engaged in the new electromagnetic sugar equipment. The machine is the main equipment in the sesame candy bar production line. Many customers in contrast to a number of traditional sugar boiling equipment manufacturers, the final choice of our new electromagnetic sugar cooker automatically. With precise computer digital control can fully meet the unified production, defective product rate greatly reduced, almost zero. Compared with the equipment before the boiler has safety, energy saving, environmental protection, labor saving advantages.
sugar cooking pot machine

The commercial electromagnetic heating equipment working principle of electromagnetic heating equipment is used the magnetic field induced eddy current principle, which uses current through the coil produces a magnetic field, when the magnetic field within the bottom of the pot with iron, which will produce many of the small eddy, the pot body on its own high-speed heating, and then heated in the pot of food.

Electromagnetic heating equipment of traditional wok can replace ordinary electric heating, gas heating and steam heating etc. currently in use, but also the use of a machine, processing some difficult processed foods (such as Soybean Milk etc.), widely applicable, and better quality. The spirit of "independent innovation, leading the future," the spirit of the company with first-class technology, strict attitude and perfect service, and strive for the majority of new and old customers to provide better products and better service.

Electric sugar cooking pot is suitable for making candy, cake, beverage, jam and other food processing enterprises and brewing, liquor, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, as the material melting, disinfection, heating, blanching, pre boiling, mixing, cooking and concentration. 

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