The GELGOOG company organized activities for the Thanksgiving Day

2016-12-23 by Tina
Thanksgiving is the American people original an ancient festival, is America's national holiday for family reunion.

In Thanksgiving Day, the United States national very lively, Christians do Thanksgiving prayer in church, urban villages and towns are everywhere costume parade, theater or sports competition, etc. Respectively a year of relatives will be back from the country and the family reunion, taste to "Turkey" give priority to a meal.

The Americans also not forget invite friends in this day, bachelor or away from home for the holidays. since the 18th century, the United States began to appear a give poor people a basket of food customs. there was a group of young women want to choose the day for good in a year , think that Thanksgiving is selected the most appropriate nevertheless. So Thanksgiving Day arrived, they were fitted with a full basket of food personally delivered to the poor.

Thanksgiving has been little changed since 1621 in terms of its meaning and way of celebration. on this day, each sect of the church is open, thank god's generous gift. Thanksgiving is a family festival, across the country, the husband and wife, children and the elderly, from the city to the town, from the town to the township, from village to village, went back to their hometown for holiday. Can't back home also make long distance calls and parents family talk, the share of gratitude. Thanksgiving dinner, the whole country are all the same, actually. the table is always filled with all kinds of delicious food. Nature is mainly a Turkey. Eat pumpkin pie is to let everyone remember the Indians the first settlers had given such a gift. In most families, can do some traditional games after dinner. Thanksgiving Day is a happy celebration, is a day for family reunion, is the time to renew friendship friendships. On that day, is a bachelor is always invited to someone's home, share with you the joy of Thanksgiving, and thank you for the grace of god. this is the meaning of Thanksgiving.

GELGOOG company organized the activities for the Thanksgiving Day. 


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