What is the Price of Superfine Peanut Butter Grinder?

2019-06-12 by Tina
What is the Price of Peanut Butter Grinder?
The superfine peanut butter grinder is used for superfine grinding sesame, peanuts, almond, etc. It is a good helper for you to make butter. This grinder has various models, that the price is different.
Peanut Butter Grinder Commercial
This series of peanut butter machine is a super-fine grinding wheel that our company has combined with years of experience in producing colloid mills. The machine has good grinding and crushing properties, compared to ordinary grinder, it grinds peanut butter to a fineness of 2-40μm(pass rate of 98%).

Peanut butter grinder price depends on the material of the machine, the output, and other factors. According to the production requirements provided by the customer, it is recommended to give him the appropriate model. Some countries have different material requirements for the food machinery, so we can customize according to the customer's needs.

Characteristics of Peanut Butter Grinder Commercial
1. It is compact structure, convenient operation, easy maintenance and cleaning, etc.
2. Material contact parts adopt high quality stainless steel, corrosion resistance, durable.
3. Stable working, low noise, rust-proof, this grinder machine is easy to clear.
4. It is suitable for many materials, for example, sesame, peanut(groundnut), almond, cashew, walnut and so on.
Superfine Peanut Butter Grinder
The superfine peanut butter grinder is advanced design, beautiful shape, is another breakthrough of superfine grain processing industry. It has good grinding, crushing performance, the main economic and technical index achieved the advanced level of similar products at home and abroad.

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