High quality cocoa bean peeling machine for sale

2016-12-19 by Tina
This cocoa bean peeling machine is a special equipment for processing cocoa bean and peanut,it can suck cocoa bean skin and peanut red coat.

This machine is a special equipment for processing cocoa bean and peanut. and used on separating the peanut kernels into two half parts, high halving rate, very few broken kernels during the separating process, at the same time, machine also could peeling the red skin of the peanuts kernel,so final half parted peanut kernels are white and clean without red skin, two half parts kernels whole and no broken, no powder left after processing, it is always used in peanut food processing, such as cake, bread, cookie, candy, etc, professional peanut half parting machine, easy operating, automatic processing, time and labor saving, power saving.
It has two functions: one is remove the red coat from the peanut, second , is separate the peanut into two half parts.stainless steel, capacity 200kg/h. It is easy to operate. peeling and separating rate over 98%.peanut processing machine is a special equipment to crush peanuts into two places. And high degree of automation, high broken rate , low noise, no pollution.the function is the combination of peeling, valving, removing buds and sorting.This machine is equipped with dust collection device and vibrating screen. the dust collection dust can suck the red skin of peanuts and vibrating screen can effectively remove buds of peanuts , thus separate into ideal two-place peanuts.the beginning of this line is from roasted peanut kernel with red skin, through the elevator conveyor, peanuts enter into the feeder, and distributed averagely by 3 tubes. then the peanuts automatically fall down then blanching room which is composed of two sand rollers, under the function of roll's friction and rotating, the red skin is taken away, then light red skin is sucked by air fan, collected by first cyclone system, finally blanched white peanut kernel fall down to the selecting conveyor.

cocoa bean peeling machine


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