Low Price Multifunctional Oat Peeling Machine

2018-06-06 by Tina
Oat peeling machine is mainly used to remove the skin of rice, wheat, corn, mung beans, buckwheat, soybean and so on. The machine with low price, it is the nice choice for many food processing manufacturers.
low price oat peeling machine
It remove the hard skin and germ of corns, and it improves the effect of tasting and expand the suitable of the scope of corns.  This machine can also called corn peeling machine, sorghum peeling machine, grains peeling machine, rice grinding machine, millet processing machines, millet rice mill, wheat peeling machine, wheat kernel machine, mung bean peeling machine, rice peeling machine, soybean peeling machine, grain bean peeling machine. When this machine working, chamber is equipped with iron mesh, mesh installed grinding wheel, grinding wheel in between the screen and the formation of a grain peeling gap, work screens and wheel reverse rotation, the food grain seed coat removal, peeling combined in winnowing to separate seed coat, thereby greatly reducing the fragmentation rate, the more effectively improve the quality and yield.
The oat peeling machine advantages: It is a multifunctional peeling machine for corn, rice, wheat, oats, sorghum and other grains. The peeling machine rotary, low noise, and easy to operate. Whole machine made of stainless steel. The machine is wealth of investing, which can bring machinery sets. And it apply to kinds of grains, such as corn, rice and. Besides, to meet your requirement, you only change it a little. It is with small volume and easy to operation. High peeling rate, low breaking rate, it consists of grinding wheel, screen, and ing blade, and fan. The peeled grain and skin would discharge in different outlet.
Oat peeling machine is with small volume, easy to operation, high peeling, low rate breaking. If you want to know the machine price and details, please email me lisa@machinehall.com.

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