How to Make Sesame Candy?

2018-03-21 by Lisa
Because the sesame candy with sweet taste, won everyone's favorite, and the sesame seeds with high nutritional value. Today, i will share the sesame making method to you.
sesame candy making machine
How to make the sesame candy at home? Here is introduce to you.
Ingredients:white sesame 2000 grams,peanut kernel 75 grams.
Seasoning:white granulated sugar 150 grams, maltose 130 g, lard (Refinery) 15 grams.

Production Process:
1, stir fried peanut kernels: fried crisp after the selection peanut kernel, remove the red coated.
2, peel sesame skin: sesame washing with water, remove dander and other impurities, soaked in water for one day and one night, drain off water, put in the container with a pestle pounding, then rinse the skin with water and stir fry, reserve.
3, sugar cooking: white sugar into the pot, add water 3.5 kg deepening heating to boil, add malt sugar after removal of impurities with egg white, malt sugar melted and filtered again, boil down to about 120 degrees put into the lard, continue to boil to 135 degrees, the end of the pot.
4, mixing and stirring, molding: the syrup end pot, put the sesame and peanut kernel into the pot, then pour in by the rapid mixing platen spread rolling flat, with "double knife" approach to tidy around. Then, open cut forming.
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