The effect of nutritional value - sesame paste and roles of sesame paste

2016-12-19 by Tina
Sesame paste nutritional value very high, in daily life in many parts of the diet will eat sesame paste, but a lot of friends may not be aware of the effect of sesame paste, here will tell you what are the advantages of edible sesame paste?

1, sesame paste, rich in protein, amino acids and a variety of vitamins and minerals, has a high health care value.
2, sesame paste in the calcium content is much higher than vegetables and legumes, dried small shrimps, regular consumption of great benefit to the growth of bones and teeth are
3, sesame paste, iron is several times higher than pork liver, egg yolk, regular consumption not only has positive effect to adjust the partial eclipse anorexia, can also correct and prevent iron deficiency anemia.
4, sesame seed paste contains rich lecithin, can prevent premature hair to bleach or fall off.

The effect of sesame paste:
Sesame paste and zinc and potassium content is higher in these two kinds of minerals has a very good role in the prevention and treatment of diabetes and high blood pressure: zinc involved in insulin synthesis and degradation; The potassium has the effect of diastolic blood vessels, promote the excretion of sodium, is conducive to healthy blood pressure.
Fish rich in omega 3 fatty acids, known as "brain gold", the brain puzzle, promote children's mental development is very good.
Sesame paste have good brain function, because it is just like fish, are rich in unsaturated fatty acids. Every 100 grams of sesame paste fatty acid content of more than 13 times that of yellow croaker, grass carp 33 times!
Eating fish can protect the heart and cardiovascular, these benefits are also rich in unsaturated fatty acids in fish. And rich in unsaturated fatty acid in the sesame paste has the same effect. a spoonful of sesame paste (about 20 grams), fatty acid content of more than half a catty grass carp and carp!
Sauce calcium content is high, every 100 grams of sesame paste contains 612 mg of calcium, far higher than common calcium foods such as milk, bean curd.

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