Efficiency Ice Cream Cone Machine For Sale in Sri Lanka

2020-10-27 by Lisa
The ice cream cone machine for sale to Sri Lanka, to ship next week. This customer is a purchasing manager of an ice cream factory, after inspecting our factory, he continued to discuss cooperation with us. The ice cream cone that the customer wants to make is specially requested, and their logo must be carried on the cone.
Efficiency Ice Cream Cone Machine
Our equipment can fully meet the needs of users, and we have customized three sets of molds for customers, which can be used to make ice cream cones of different shapes and sizes. In addition, this machine is automated, with high efficiency, and labor-saving.

Here is the Working Video of Ice Cream Cone Machine in Sri Lanka
Customers are mainly worried about the unsatisfactory effect of the test machine, so we arranged a test of ice cream cone machine for the customer in the factory, and during this period, we will tell the customer how to use it. After the cones were made successfully, the customer tasted it and was full of praise.

This machine is mainly used for making different size of ice cream cone, it is the nice choice for you. It has different models which can meet different customers' requirements. If you want to know more, please contact with me.
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