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Don't forget the frying machine when you eat fried chicken

2017-01-12 by Tina

Since last year's Korean drama "from the stars of you" after the popular, snow fried chicken to drink beer, became a popular. This snow, Kentucky Fried Chicken, chicken shop business must be very good bar. These fried chicken is not only crispy and delicious, now also cast a layer of romantic color. Today, we enjoy the snow, eating fried chicken, talk about the story of the frying machine.

As food cooked Fried process has a long history, is one of the ancient cooking method. Deep Fried can not only kill the bacteria in the food, extend the shelf life, also can improve the food flavor. With the development of food industry, frying machine was invented in the people's production practice.

Fried equipment to keep pace with The Times is a reflection of the food industry development, the progress of science and technology. It is because of the increase in Fried technology can make Fried food delicious accepted by more customers. Today, intermittent water and oil mixture deep fry equipment, continuous water-oil mixed Fried equipment, vacuum low temperature frying equipment.Constantly to meet the new requirements for Fried food consumers.

Although frying equipment after so many years of development, product performance has a greater degree of improvement, but haven't really reach the consumer demand for Fried food health. In the future, new frying machine will still focus on the technological breakthroughs, as far as possible to reduce Fried food safety risks, the greatest degree of assurance quality health products.

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