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Brief Introduction of Cassava Starch

2016-12-02 by sherry

Cassava starch is a powder which is dried and dried after the extraction of cassava starch, widely used in food industry and non food industry. Modified starch can be customized according to the specific requirements of the user, in order to apply for special purposes.
Color: cassava starch is white.
No odor: cassava starch has no odor, suitable for the need to fine tune the odor of the product, such as food and cosmetics, etc..
Taste: insipid tasteless, no aftertaste of cassava starch, therefore, compared with the common starch, cassava starch is more suitable for the product need to flavor. such as pudding, cake and pie.
Clear paste: The formation of cassava starch paste after cooking is clear and transparent, suitable for color pigment.Brief Introduction of Cassava Starch
Viscosity: Because the ratio of Amylopectin and Amylose starch of cassava starch is as high as 80:20, therefore has a very high peak viscosity, this feature is suitable for many purposes. At the same time, cassava starch can also be modified to eliminate the production of loose structure, which is very important in many food processing.
Freeze thaw stability: cassava starch paste show relatively low reverse, thus it can prevent water loss in the freezing and thawing cycles.
In industry, cassava starch produced by Cassava Starch Production Line. The process is washing and peeling- cleaning- crushing- extracting- second extracting –dewating – drying.this line including Cage model cleaning machine, Automatically feeding model cleaning machine, Hammer Crusher, Cylinder separating machine, Litter cleaning machine, conveyor, Rotation flowing model separating machine, Vacuum Dewatering machine, Drying machine. The advantages are: unique technique of multistage crush, multistage filters, multilevel extrusion in circulation; low energy consumption, high starch extraction yield, good quality of output starch.   
This production line include Economic type and standardized type.such as medium-sized and large-sized starch production lines.Calculation is based on the dry starch output.

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