How to Remove the Kernel from Dates?

2018-04-12 by Lisa
Dates pitting machine is used for many fruits core removing, such as cherry, red dates, palm date, Iraq dates, Taiwan date, blackberry and so on. Then how to remove the kernel from dates? Here is a dates pitting machine can help you easy to remove the dates kernel, and the machine video show you.

This dates kernel removing machine removes the hard stone from the fruits by two rollers (one has teeth on the surface, and the other is made of rubber) which are kept a certain gap in between. By the way, the fles of the fruit will be remained in state of pieces. The gap between the two rollers is designed according to the feature and dimension of different fruits; The fruits fall down to the rollers from the former procedure and then are pressed to the gap by a plate which moves up and down; The two rollers rolls in opposite direction and most of the flesh is pressed to the gap of the teeth on the roller meanwhile the stones(seed of the fruit) are pressed on the stretchy roller; the flesh between the teeth on the roller will be then scratched out by a brush. The stone still with some flesh on it will be backward washed by the stoner washer.
dates pitting machine

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