Dewatering and Deoiling Equipment

2017-08-23 by Lisa
During the food frying processing, the dewatering and deoiling is a important remove water and oil equipment, is a multifunctional machine.
deoiling machine
The machine using the centrifugal principle, equipped with a shockproof system, in the process of dewatering and deoiling, the equipment can stable operation, not easy to move, and the machine comes with the cover, you want to put more materials can also be completed, the materials will not fall off. Equipped with electromagnetic brake, digital automatic control, high quality stainless steel, is the current domestic advanced dewatering and deoiling equipment for vegetables, fried food.

In the potato chips production line, equipped with two dewatering and deoiling machines are more appropriate, this can saving your working time and saving your energy.

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