Cassava Starch Drying Machine Made in China

2018-05-10 by Lisa
starch drying machine
Cassava starch drying machine: starch material by the charging port uniform propulsion, high-speed heated air will increase the rapid heat transfer of powder material in the pipe. After the separation of the drying of material will continuous discharging, the drying time of inlet and discharge is usually a few seconds. Humid air through the induced draft fan discharge. The starch drying equipment is a professional cassava special dryers, can be quick to the moisture content is higher wet starch drying to appropriate moisture, keep the starch color white delicate, at the same time can be used for sweet potato starch, potato starch, fern root starch, there are few kinds of capacities introduce you, finished product production capacities are 500kg/h, 1000kg/h, 1200kg/h, 1500kg/h.

Cassava starch baking machinery to ensure the quality of starch, guarantee the temperature not loss, high energy, low energy efficiency, flash drying theory, by adopting the combination of positive negative pressure design technology, its characteristics are high automation, less investment, low energy consumption, covers an area of small, general area wide, high efficiency and energy saving, emission reduction practicality and using low carbon economy!

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