Stainless Steel Frying Food De-oiling Machine

2017-02-17 by admin
frying food de-oiling machine manufacturer Stainless steel frying food de-oiling machine :
This machine is commonly used for removing water of washed foods or oil of food after fried. It can make the fried food looks more vivid than normal, prolong the product shelf life.
Application of machine:
It designed with the centrifugal working principle, controlled autoamticlly, mainly used for removing oil or water from fruit and vegatble in food processing factory with large capacity.
Features of machine:
1. Made of stainless steel, no rusty after using.
2. High rate of oil removing from food.
3. Special design prevents avoid the food dropping out of the barrel during turning process.
4. Consist of outside the barrel and inside barrel.
5. Turning speed can be custmozied by customer’s requirement.  

After-sale service:
One year after sale service can keep after-sale warranty. We compant offer the transnational after - sales service, thus, don’t worry about the machine’s quality when after you bought this machine.


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