The use of peanut powder

2016-12-19 by Tina
Peanut powder is peanut oil residue after drying and crushing after made of powder.
Peanut powder is one of organic nitrogen source for microbial growth, contains rich protein, trace elements, also contain a small amount of peanut oil. in some antibiotics producing peanut powder as the composition of culture medium is used.

peanut powder can be used as additive added to the various kinds of food to improve nutritional value of food, can also directly as a suspension to join in milk, or drink made from a variety of drinks, or as a barbecue accessories, increase the aroma of barbecue.
peanut powder milling machine is suitable for crushing oil materials(such as soybean,peanut,almond,sesame rapeseed,coffee beans,cocoa beans), this machine is running smothly and no noise.

peanut powder milling machine can crush peanut and sesame continuously,large capacity.  this machine will never produce oil and the materials absolutely don't glue the machine.sesame powder is even and fine.You don't have to worry about inventory oxidization due to crushing amount can't keep up with.especially suitable for peanut and sesame's large crushing.this machine has filled a blank of our country's sesame grinding market,to achieve the advanced level at home abroad at present.

1. It has features of easy operation,high output,no oil,etc.It has several models for choosing by the user.if you take off the grinding roller,then the final product is peanut particle.
2.The fitness can reach to 40-60m, and no greasy. If only use hob, separate roller then can process particles 3-6mm.
3, Special tool design of the peanut grinder machine make grinding materials faster.
4.Multifunctional,not only can mill peanut powder but also can make peanut particles.
5. Simple operation, easy to use, high yield, can be a into powder, not greasy.
6. Made of stainless steel, sanitary and durable, easy to clean and maintain.

peanut powder milling machine

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