Cassava/Tapioca Flour Line 1000kg/h

  • Output:
  • Voltage:
  • Power:
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Raw material:
Cassava slice(Artificial peeled,dry in the son)

Cassava Requirements:
Annuals, non-toxic, no plant diseases and insect pests

Technological Process
Cassava slice→Hoist→Sort →coarse breaking→micro-grinding→cyclone separation→classifying screen→packing
Voltage:380/220V±10%  50HZ

Workshop Demands:
The main workshop should adopt the steel shelf structure.
Workshop length:20m,width:12m,height:8.5m

The production line can work in 24hours of one day. 3 ton fresh cassava can produce 1ton cassava flour. It is mean for this 1ton/h production line,the cassava raw material input is 3ton/h,the cassava flour output is 1ton/h.

Technical Data
No. Name Model Quantity Power
1 Hoist
LG40 1set 5.5 1
2 Sorting platform
LG1000 1set 0.75 2
3 coarse breaking machine
LG-300 1set 7.5 3
4 micro-grinding machine
LG750 1set 18.5 4
5 cyclone separation machine
  1set   5
6 Airiock
LGFD-ZW-12 2sets 1.1 6
7 dust removal machine
LG24B 1set   7
8 induced draft fan
LG9-19 1set 11 8
9 stock bin and pipeline
  1set   9
10 Rack
  1set   10
11 electric control cabinet 
  1pcs   11
12 classifying screen
LG2 1set 1.1 12
13 Packing machine
LG80 1set 1.5 13

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