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You didn't pay attention to the toothpicks in life

2016-12-06 by sherry

You didn't pay attention to the toothpicks in life I have saw an article which is written by bartender., he said “toothpicks are essential to a bartender. More importantly, toothpicks are a crucial component to my favorite cocktail, the vodka Classic Martini. The olives float chicly on the side of the angular glass. Without toothpicks the martini is incomplete. Vital to creating cool, stylish garnishes, your bar is not complete until you have a small box of toothpicks. Toothpicks come in about a million varieties and it's fun if you are hosting a party to get a set that go along with your theme. However for everyday use, plain old wooden toothpicks work fine as long as you have a sleek little toothpick holder.”
In addition to the decorative Cocktail, there are many people in folk who love to make craft with a toothpick in china. The method to make simple craft is common, the kits are ruler, ruler knife, avoid paper towels, milk white glue, 502 glue, small brush, wood paint. People often brush the white plastic on small brush with small brush, and use this paper to contact the toothpicks.
In daily life, when use a toothpick, toothpick and teeth gums at an angle of 45 degrees, then use the toothpick line along the tooth surface by scraping the tick, action must be gentle, especially the tooth surface and root depression, more careful, so as not to damage the gums. 
In industry, wooden toothpicks made by Wooden Toothpick Processing Machine, Gelgoog’s toothpick production line need 4-6 workers, The original machine used for making the product with diameter 2.2 mm and the length 65mm.The capacity is 500000 pcs/8 hours.We also can make the machine custom-made.Such as production pointed wooden toothpicks.
We are professional in this field.We also can send our engineer to help you install and adjust the processing line in your country.But the cost should be bear by the buyer.


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