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Introduction of Sesame Peeling Machine

2016-12-06 by Lisa

Companies with strong R & D strength, strict management system, advanced production technology, better products and excellent customer service "three" service, in the domestic soft fruit and nuts, peeling and shelling machine market to become an independent school. And exported to Europe, America and Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. By the majority of customers trust and praise.

The New type sesame peeling machine is a vertical structure, which can make full use of the inner space, has the advantages of small size, simple structure, beautiful appearance, convenient operation and low maintenance rate. Adopt compound agitator, this agitator can produce axial flow. Radial and circumferential shunt, the material changes fully, not dead angle. The use of the compound mixer, shorten the time of the sesame seed soaking, peeling, separation, improve the production efficiency, improve the quality of the product.

Primary Structure:
The machine is mainly composed of a reducer, a tank, a compound mixer, a separator, a heater, a positioning device and an inlet and outlet pipe.
The principle of the invasion of bubble
By adding a certain amount of caustic soda, the hot water is used to soak the sesame seeds. The speed reducer drive stirrer rotation, due to the structural characteristics of composite materials under cyclic stirrer, turning, mixing sesame and soak liquid evenly and fully.

Working principle of peeling process:
using the relative friction between the mixer and sesame, sesame and sesame seeds, so that the sesame seeds and kernel separation, so as to achieve the purpose of sesame peeling.

Separation of hull and kernel principle procedure:
Using a separator interception function, make sesame sesame discharged through the separator, and the interception, so as to achieve the purpose of separation of hull and kernel sesame.

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